Life of a Lone Wolf

A tree that stands alone in a field is stronger than a tree that stands on a forest, because the solitary tree has to develop deeper roots to support itself. Life’s hard wind blows for all of those who want to give up . Don’t give up now, you are closer than you think , you have to fight alone, this is how you become stronger daily. I am going to grind, I am going to work, I am going to push forward , I am going to learn, I am going to do everything in my power, every single day I want to be a victor not a victim.
There is a saying “A wolf that is on the hill is never as hungry as the wolf that is climbing the hill “, so if u want to get hungry; you have to stay hungry; you have to guard your hunger. Develop a healthy dose of self assurance , when you feel like you can’t or want to let go, when you are surrounded by doubt , fear and anxiety; you have to pull up your resume, don’t give up , remember all the things you have made it through ; there is no alibi for not living in at extreme potential. I am not wolf in sheep’s clothing, I am wolf in wolf’s clothing, I am a leader not a follower, I am just fighting my fights nobody needed, no explanation needed, no one walks in my way, the struggle in my life had refined a mood in me, loneliness taught me real pain, which makes me stronger, solitude is not my weakness; it’s my strength, when ever I walk ,I isolate; the only road I have ever known, where it goes but it’s home to me

because of mood I formulated. The strongest of souls are seared with pain and in scars, my destination to sun and beyond no deviation.
Somebody told you to graduate high school, graduate college get a job, do slavery for rest of your life , have kids get married and perish. What do you believe you were destined to do and then you have to spend every single solitary day for rest of your life going after that dream . What do you have to have , what is your dream and if you think there is void in the tank, look yourself in your eye and say I can, I will and I must. Do you know, what is real nightmare? reaching our 60s , our 70s ,our 80s , and even deathbed and realize everything should have done, I should have done that, should have invested in this, should have made the relationship work, we should not be separated. Sitting around and talk the should, talk about all the things we wanted to do, never got it done , that is the nightmare we all must avoid. Treat every single day as the last day of your life, you have only 24 hour to establish your dream , all of your pain , all of your trauma, everything you have experienced the turbulence you have to master all of your hunger.

First night you’re gonna have a hard time going to sleep what you do is the next is the next morning you wake up early anyways that first night you got only five hour worth of sleep and now you are tired throughout the day, good, because then when you get to bed that night you will turn off that computer you’ll be able to go to bed earlier, like you wanted to be. You can live on six hour you sleep so you have eighteen hour to give, I want to know what you’re doing with that eighteen, because you can work here nine to five that is nine, you can travel here and there, respect nice little solid commute , oh! you want to be family man , huh? You can spend two hour with kids and what you do with other five hours? You are watching Netflix , playing Maddock , you are relaxing from other intense talent, Niladri I have already spend eleven hours, well great then don’t complain or want more, respect by getting rest and this and that you are giving up opportunity to start new work, you want audacity to have one percent life; lets call it what it is you want to live as well as the one or two percent of the world it’s not very complicated , the math is very much like : you, if you want to have one of the best life in the world , which is you live on your terms and you have them pay your pay your dues to get there and you have to be lucky enough to figure out that you and talent in the things that you are actually you want to do because you can work 24 hours a day and if you are stink at golf or you are not a good concept producer or your logos look like that I would make then you’re gonna loose so that’s what you got .

They said I’d never get to this point but here I stand, they cautioned the success is not favorable, the triumph is improbable but if this was for everyone, I would not want it , they pointed to their own limitation and proclaimed them to be mine, but that’s the thing about limit, they will exist where ever you place them and I have placed mine behind me, it’s nature of human that they make everything complicated, instead to drawing a straight line from point A to B, we create one hundred reasons why it’s too hard too tough we construct distractions, there is no hard neither there exist easy, there is a goal and the price must be paid. and we observe from distance, wondering maybe you can do the same. A wolf need not concern himself with the opinions of sheep that those who watch and admire are often first to throw pebbles to criticize to condemn but listening to them contradicts the very thing that gives the wolf it’s power, his strength, his ascent is threatening not because he is like everyone else but he dares to be different. There will be a point where the mountains tower over you, the ocean obstruct your way and the masses tell you No! Perfect.

Right now is not a decision that involves debate this is no democracy , this is a promise unfolding before your very eyes, this is truth : the new reality it’s about embracing what makes you different not hiding from it, fighting for separation, walking into what most avoid in pursuit of a return that most most can only dream of as far as I am concerned you can either do the same or spend your life criticizing and wishing that you di. Sheep stay within the confines of what they know , angry at those who laughed, who left or wanted more yet angrier at themselves for staying right where they are right now, this is all we get one rodeo one opportunity so before you make your next move look hard in you reflection and ask yourself:

“Are you a Wolf or a Sheep?”

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